Sunday, November 22, 2009

September 27, 1956 from Aunt Sis

Addressed to:

C.B. Preston
Veterans Hospital
921 NE 13th Street
Oklahoma City
4 East-Room A 473

Return Address:

207 N. Elwood
Tulsa, Okla

Outside of card

Inside of card
Signed: Aunt Sis

September 27, 1956 from Mary Lou Preston

Addressed to:

Mr. CB Preston
4-East-Room A 473
Veterans Hosp
921 NE 13th
Okla City, Okla

Return Address:

1730 E 22nd Place
Apt C
Tulsa, Okla

Dear CB,

Hi and how are you by now. We are fine. Sure do like these cool nights. Its nice to have to sleep under cover for a change.

Aunt Sis came over today. We visited and watched T.. Saw Art Linkletter. He asked one little fellow what his mother told him before he left home. He said "She told me not to get my shirt dirty." Art asked him why and he said "It is too small and we're going to exchange it after the show." !!! I bet he got it when he got home.

I washed early this am while it was cool. Will have to get my ironing done now. Russell is on call tonight and has already done an appendectomy.

We are just getting ready to watch a play with Casey Tibbs.

Well, I will close for now. Be good and we'll come see you.

God Bless You.

Mary Lou

September 26, 1956 from Mrs. H C Glaspy (Shorty & Mollie)

Addressed to:

Mr CB Preston
c/o Veterans Hospital
Okla City

Return address:

HC Glaspy
R2 Leoti, Kans

Inside is a letter:
Dear CB and how are you today. We are OK or would be if it would only rain. its so dry here you could allmost set fire to the ground. Well we sold our horse and Shorty left the corral gate opeb and it looks so lonesome out there. if I got rid of my hens and they sold the 6 hogs we would be out of the live stock business.
how is Carol & the Boy tell themhi for me and to write some time. I'd still love to see them. Well there just plain isn't any news around here so had better just quit.
By now and may the Good Lord take a liking to you.

September 24, 1956 from Eldon and Mary Preston

Addressed to:

Mr. C. B. Preston
c/o Veterans Hospital
Okla. City, Okla

Return Address:

Mr and Mrs E Preston
1506 Fresno Ave
Bend, Ore

Outside of card

Inside of card

Inside is handwritten a note:
Thinking of you and congratulations on your new son.
Eldon & Mary

Saturday, November 21, 2009

September 22, 1956 Card from Bro. Fred E. Brooks

No return address but postmarked from Beckley, West Virginia.

Addressed to:

Mr and Mrs C.B. Preston
c/o Vera Sennett
527 NW 11th St.
Oklahoma City

Inside under the typical card wishes is written in shaky handwriting like on the envelope:
"May the Lord bless you and your little Family is my prayer."
Bro. Fred E Brooks

My Notes: The address this is mailed to is not too far from the Veterans Hospital in Oklahoma City. Close enough to walk.

September 23, 1956 from Mary Lou Preston

Return Address:

1730 E. 22nd Place
Apt C
Tulsa, Okla

Addressed to:

Mrs. C.B Preston
Fay, Oklahoma

Saturday Night

Dear Carol,

Howdy Dukie - My but it was good to get your letter the other day. We'll probably see you tomorrow but thought I'd try and write a few lines anyway. Russell is on call tonight and got called back awhile ago. It wasn't serious and I hope he doesn't get involved in a bunch of stuff that is. I've been sitting here watching T.V. There is a Roy Rogers movie on.

We sure been thinking about you and CB and Mom and Pop. And doing a lot of praying. It sure is hard to keep faith and keep wantin God's will when the ole devil stays in there tempting you. And so far Russell and I have just not been able to see any real definite indication as to what it is right now. Guess we've got some patience to learn. You know James 1:3 says "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." In fact that whole chapter is real good.

Glad to hear that you and Randy are getting along so good. He will sure be lots of company before long. Glad that the nursing is coming along too. He seems like such a good little fellow.

We sure have been busy. Russell is looking tired. It's been a strain for him too. He got a good nights rest last night and looks better today.

I made another uniform this week it is a 2-piece a blouse and jumper. It is one that needs no ironing and that sure is handy.

We went over to Aunt Sis's last night. Took some hamburger and had hamburgers and watched T.V. Uncle Dan went to bed at 7:00 as usual.

Well, I finally got my ole house cleaned up. For awhile any way. I've been trying to get a sweeper every day this week tho and they are always in use so my rug is still in a mess.

We had best get to bed. Russ is home now and we want to get a fairly early start in the a.m.

Dukie, you keep up the good work out there. God will and is helping you and all of us. And before long you and CB and Randy will all be together again.

God Bless You.


Mary Lou

*My Notes: I learned by reading ahead in the letters, that Mary Lou is C.B's sister-in-law, married to his brother Russell that was a doctor in Tulsa.

September 22, 1956 from Shirley and Rod

204 S. Duncan
Stillwater, Okla

Sept. 21, 1956

Dear Carol and Randy,

I sure was happy to get your letter and hear about that youngin! Sure would like to see you both! I'll bet he has grown a mile already. I probably won't know him the next time I see him.

I'm sure glad to hear C.B is improving all along. Buck had been wanting to go see him but he has been hauling for Dad every spare minute he has. He had to quit the book store in order to up his studies and if it wasn't for this hauling we would be sitting out on the curb eating worms. Rod probably would like that! He will eat any thing but food! He's gaining tho so he is surely getting plenty to eat. He weighs 21 pounds now. mom bought him a stroller yesterday!!! Boy I really needed one. My ole back was about to break from carrying him all over the place. He really loves it too-he just squeels & hollors all the time we are out! He is over repairing the cooler right now. He sure is a little helper! I can't keep him in the living room any more. He roams all over the house (except the bathroom) He gets in the cabinets & pulls every thing out & plays in the refrigerator drawer & in the stove drawers & pulls on my dress tail. Just wait- Randy is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen now- and he will get sweeter every day. There's nothing more wonderful than a little baby boy! I know you will agree!

Darla was here yesterday with Raylee. He is still a lot bigger than Rod. She says he doesn't eat any thing either but he drinks a gallon of milk a day. Rod just drinks about 36 oz. a day. Darla seems just as happy as can be. She showed me the watch that Keith gave her for her birthday and he is always doing something real sweet for her or the baby. I'm sure happy for them!

Dad & Buck are supposed to be gone for two days so Mom is supposed to come over & stay all night with us tonight.

Did you know you can get golf clubs, bag and cart for green stamps? Well you can & you can also get a movie camera with them- thats what I want so I am going to start buying groceries where they give stamps so I can get a camera. I sure would like to have movies of Rod and all the sweet little things he does.

I sure hope you change your mind about weaning Randy so early- I wouldn't wean one under 6 months for anything. I'm really sorry I weaned Rod at 6 1/2 months. If I ever have another I'll nurse it till its 9 months or more at least. Course thats up to you but I really think you will be sorry if you wean him early.

I'd still love to have you here but if you want to be in Guthrie well you can try it & if it doesn't work out my offer still stands-always. Anytime you need a baby sitter or any help of any kind you know where I live-don't forget.

Jane wants a birth announcement and she said she has something for him. Her address is 1227 N.W. 29th. In case you have forgotten. Your announcements are real cute. I'm sure glad you sent me one.

I've got to get on the ball. Let me hear from you often and tell me all about that little one! I want a picture of him-soon as you can get some-O.K?

Now take care of yourself & that little doll and let me hear from you soon. I hope C.B. gets well without having to go to Memphis. I'd hate to see you go back out that direction. I know you want to do what ever is best for him. Tell him Buck is thinking about him all the time & we are still praying for the three of you. Tell Mrs. Preston "Hello" too. I know she will hate to see you & the little one move.

Take care now and write soon.

Love Always,

Shirley and Rod

*My Notes: First mention of moving to Memphis. (He ended up in Kennedy Veterans Hospital and letters start getting addressed to him there later)

I did notice she said:

"I hope C.B. gets well without having to go to Memphis. I'd hate to see you go back out that direction." "back out that direction"....


I also noticed her mention of Darla. Some letters from Darla are coming up but I wonder if this Darla is the same Darla as mentioned in the first letter when Oleta Hood mentions that Darla "got married on the 20th to Keith Jefferies". I am assuming the 20th of August since the letter was written on the 30th of August. And Darla has a child already...Interesting. Pregnant before married or second marriage? Doesn't really pertain to C.B Preston and the letters but I found it curious.